Wearable iPhone Stand.


Designed to optimize your daily life with the iPhone.

Sparked from observation in daily life, Ryst is a wearable iPhone stand that allows your iPhone to rest at two different angles, one designed more for typing and the other for viewing, all you have to do is take it off and choose a side. Designed in Ireland and manufactured using the latest 3D printing technology, your Ryst can complement your iPhone for an abundance of situations throughout your day. Importantly it means no bulky iPhone cover stands, resting your iPhone on unpleasant surfaces or holding your iPhone for long periods to watch your favorite show. All you need is one stylish Ryst.

Currently available for all iPhone 6 & 7 models. Design. Size Guide.



RYST for iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus.


Beauty rests within.


One RYST. Two points of view.


Relax & Perch

Whether your video calling your friend in perch position or browsing the web in the relax position,  RYST has you covered. The scenarios are endless. Be creative.

Ryst size4.jpg

Contoured to your RYST.

Not quite oval or circular, your wrist has a unique shape. RYST's form is designed around the wrists unusual contours to create a comfortable fit.


Hidden Treasure.

One of RYST's key design elements is its internal geometric structure. This increases the strength and flexibility of the wrist band while also adding a contrasting exterior aesthetic.

Advanced Manufacturing

Each RYST is created using an advanced laser sinter 3D print technique. The result is a strong, polished plastic that is heatproof to 80 degrees Celsius and dishwasher safe. Each RYST is printed by Shapeways, who are leading the way in the 3D printing industry. This ensures the highest quality product each time.


Colour your RYST?


Choose from Nine.

Available for all iPhone 6 & 7 models in seven colours and two classic shades, your RYST will match any occasion.


All for One for All.


One size fits all.

RYST's shape is contoured to fit perfectly at the top of your wrist. Its geometric structural design combined with the material choice of 3D printed polished polyamide allows for a great deal of flexibility and strength. This means a single RYST can literally flex from a 6 to a 9 inch wrist, the average wrist size being 7.17 inches. Thanks to this, there is no confusing sizing or worry of choosing incorrectly,  just one size for all*.


A day in the life...

As your RYST is always by your side, it can be useful for an endless number of tasks throughout your day. The only limit is your imagination.