Through design, Orion's exterior became relevant to its intention. 

Strong Presence from Core Design Details.

The front elevation shows the leaning of the superstructure, inspired by natures fastest creature, the cheetah. The vinyl, carbon fiber and steel layering was inspired by the layering of a knights armour, this not only adds structural fortitude but also adds the visual impression of strength. Extreme conditions are tackled with an inverted bow that cuts effortlessly through strong waves, complemented by large wave deflectors and 360 degree rotating thrusters for maximum maneuverability, this machine is designed to explore. 

Aggressive  Proportions

The front three quarter clearly demonstrates intent, speed and power through its stance. This is partly thanks to the use of layering and also the inverted bow and large wave deflectors, which allow for greater efficiency and higher speeds. The large geometric semi transparent gold vinyl hides the windows, allowing the exterior to remain smooth and minimal. If one desires, the vinyl can easily be removed and refitted in a different colour saving huge costs compared to a re-paint.

Beautifully Reduced.

Orion's exterior identity is defined by only a few lines, interesting surfacing does not always need to be complex. The rear of the yacht is the main point for passenger entry/exit, via a large gull wing door with no exposed exterior steps in order to reduce the chances of piracy. The stern door is set in a black geometric structure that extrudes outwards from inside the vessel, giving the impression of multiple layers. The rear three quarter also highlights the geometric to smooth surface transition. 

Visible, only when Necessary. 

It was important that the exterior design remained very clean and true to its sculptural inspiration without any distractions, therefore a lot of features were hidden unless necessary. One example being the motorized doors located at the bow and stern of the ship used to hide the rope and cleats, only to be revealed when required. Orion's uncluttered exterior is complimented by large panoramic glass houses on each deck, the yacht has a sculptural feel, especially from the front view.