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Orion's Belt

On average, Super-yacht owners use their ship for one month per year. How could the yacht be used to benefit the environment in its spare time?


Range Rover X

As we face rapid population growth across mega cities, this expansion will attribute to urban and suburban sprawls across over 40 mega cities in the year 2030. We will see people move in and out of the city to deal with the reality of urban congestion. In doing so, the longing to reconnect with nature will be ever more an important part of life in mega cities. How can LandRover help us to reconnect with nature in a mega city?   


F.ounders approached us to design a gift for 200 of the World's top tech entrepreneurs at their event held during the Web Summit. The gift was to be made from the sails of the twice winner of the Rolex Fastnet Race, RAN, owned and helmed by Niklas Zennstrom.


We consulted with Europe's largest tech event on ideation and conceptualization for presentations,  event interactions, crowd flow and were responsible for designing the signage, booklets and staging among other items. 


Can a still object be perceived to have movement? Velo the ceiling light explores this aesthetic. 


Using design, how can the next generation of London Underground deep tube trains increase their interior storage, capacity and seating in the same carriage footprint while maintaining an iconic yet modern aesthetic? 


Electric Vehicles (EVs) are becoming the norm and just like a combustion engine needs fuel an EV needs batteries. Conventionally these batteries are always hidden from sight, what if they became the focal point?