A Vinyl to Suit your Style.

The large geometric semi transparent vinyl hides the windows, allowing the exterior to remain smooth and minimal. If one desires, the vinyl can easily be removed and refitted in a different colour saving huge costs compared to a re-paint.

Seamless Staircase.

This is the primary staircase from the lobby to the 1st deck. The staircase was inspired by seamless sculptures and needed to be consistent with the exterior of the yacht. Hence, the steps are made from single pieces of extruded aluminium which then gracefully merge into glass above floor height, surrounded by a strip of light. This reflects a similar merger of materials and a layering effect that is seen on the exterior.

Artificial Beach.

Inspired by natures most relaxing environment, the deck mimics the slant of the sand merging into the sea, providing a truly immersive experience. The beach also interacts with the geometric decking in a playful way, by transitioning gradually from wood into a soft, textured polymer. No more messy sand. 

Visible when Necessary 

The same principle of ‘everything is hidden unless necessary’ also applies to the hand rails. They only appear wherever the user is on the deck. The glass panels also double as an interface to control different functions on board, saving a journey inside or having to carry a tablet. The automated panels also make it hard for any intruder to latch onto the hull, helping to deter piracy.